Smart Bed presence question

Hello all fellow Homeys!

I have been thinking how to do smart Bed presence for me and the wifey. First I looked at pressure mat + door sensor with Z-Wave (this one can be one option) but then I got the idea. We always put our phones in to charging each night. If you then put the charger behind a Z-Wave outlet that measures power can you do a flow where it checks for power draw and determine if we are in the bed or not. Can you specify power draw even the phone is fully charged to 100% but still plugged in. So the phone still would draw so little power that you can determine if its plugged in or not.

If this not possible is there any other way doing this Bed presence better than the pressure mat?

Hope someone can help me out

Once the phone is charged, it will draw very close to 0W. The z-wave plug won’t be able to make any difference in between unplugged or full charged.

The way I do it, I have a Fibaro Button, one press - sleep state. Hold press - wake up.
There are many other type of buttons if you find Fibaro too expensive e.g. Aeotec Wallmote (dual or quad), Xiaomi zigbee button etc.
Same as you have the habit to put the phone on charge, you can make one to actuate the button.

If you really want to use the charging option, jou can use ifttt. Ifttt can use inbuild android and iOS functions thats can trigger flows within homey

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Hello all, thanks for ur answers. Figured out that Ifttt was my best choice when I already had one Withings Sleep, now I just need to buy another one for the wife :smiley:

Hi Dennis!

I am trying to set up the same but am having trouble getting the webhook into Homey (this method is needed if you use two different Withings accounts for the two mats).

Are you experienced with Webhooks?



Hey, oh didnt think about that. Thanks!
I am not familiar with Webhooks so I wont go down that road.
I have been looking in to the first thing I wrote.

Hopefully I am allowed to link this:

I am going to buy the pressure mat from Ebay, those are like 11 Euros and instead of a Sonoff I will be buying a Xiaomi Door sensor and wire that up. Shouldnt be to hard. And much more less expensive than a second Nokia sleep mat.