Unidentified custom device icon

There’s a bunch of custom icons you can use, but I was just wondering, what device is this suppose to be? :nerd_face:


It’s like the inkspot test, it is what ever you see in it :wink:

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That you don’t see that it’s a 3D printer :wink:

Bet :wink:

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And what did you expect for the one to the Right of it, That’s not the Microwave oven,
also a 3D Printer, https://my.homey.app/img/devices/3d-printer2.svg

Haha, no that’s an oven :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

But okay, that icon looks more like a 3d printer to me hehe

No, I really can’t make cheese of it :laughing:

Maybe you can print a cheese with it?

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