Undok Radio Device


Does anyone know what needs to be done to control my ‘Revo superconnect’ (UNDOK radio) via Homey?
I can manage my radio via an app (connected via WiFi) to turn in on/off, change channel/volume, switch mode and stuff like that. I can even turn it on/off via Alexa with HomeAssistant.
I am wondering if I can replace homeassistant with Homey, this function keeps me away.

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So I assume Spotify already works? As for upnp, you might want to try
https://github.com/athombv/org.upnp (no longer maintained)
@jreenen is doing its best to get this working in a new app:

Thanks, I just want to turn the radio on/off to start with. I can do that today via Home Assistant… But I would like to know if I can replace the box. Ideally I like to be able to change the DAB of FM channel and modify the volume.
I think I need UNDOK and not upnp.