Unable to read Cluster attribute (new ZigBeeDevice driver)


I’m developing a new driver for a Zigbee Occupancy Sensor (SONOFF SNZB-06P) using the ZigBeeDevice library.
I’m able to add the device into HomeyPro App and I do see in the debug the occupancy status change correctly and a report being received in Homey. But I cannot read its occupancy status.
The reason is that the reportParser in ZigBeeDevice.js is not able to read the attribute value in the Cluster report as a 0 or 1.
Instead, in the debug I see the the attribute is printed as a Bitmap [ ]. See below two examples of this attribute when occupancy is detected or not.

Below, the payloadReport is the output of: console.log(‘payload[report]:’, payload[report]);


2024-01-02T15:36:44.391Z [log] [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:snzb-06p-occupancy-sensor] [Device:8a4597e6-f717-438f-a69d-7f9aef124a80] [dbg] get → alarm_motion → read attribute (cluster: occupancySensing, attributeId: occupancy, endpoint: 1) → raw result: { occupancy: Bitmap [ ] }
2024-01-02T15:36:44.392Z [log] [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:snzb-06p-occupancy-sensor] [Device:8a4597e6-f717-438f-a69d-7f9aef124a80] [dbg] handle report (cluster: occupancySensing, capability: alarm_motion), raw payload: { occupancy: Bitmap [ ] }
payload[report]: Bitmap [ ]

2024-01-02T15:42:34.308Z [log] [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:snzb-06p-occupancy-sensor] [Device:8a4597e6-f717-438f-a69d-7f9aef124a80] [dbg] handle report (cluster: occupancySensing, capability: alarm_motion), raw payload: { occupancy: Bitmap [ occupied ] }
payload[report]: Bitmap [ occupied ]

I’ve tried reading this attribute in several ways: I tried comparing with integer 1 or char ‘1’, treat it as an Array and access position [0], without success.

Any hint on how I can read the Bitmap [ ] value of this attribute?
According to the ZCL this should be a bit set to 0 or 1.

Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at writing an App for HomeyPro :grinning: and I’m not a pro developer, even though I’ve programmed in Java, C++, C, etc in University.


I believe the cluster definition for this sensor may require update, as it has a TODO comment in the Homey cluster definition (file: zigbee-clusters/lib/clusters/occupancySensing.js):

const ATTRIBUTES = {
occupancy: { id: 0, type: ZCLDataTypes.map8(‘occupied’) }, // TODO: verify this bitmap

I’ll look into it, but in case there’s some insight on how to correct it, it’s highly appreciated.


Try getBit(0) (or possibly getBit(1)).

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It worked with getBit(0), @robertklep!
Many thanks for the hint and very fast reply. :wink:


I couldn’t find anything related to this in the documentation, I had to search through the various modules to find where Bitmap was defined and how to use it :thinking:

Any chance you can point me where to find it in the modules?
I’m new to programming in Homey and not sure where to find it.


I linked to the relevant module, @athombv/data-types: GitHub - athombv/node-data-types: Binary Data Parsers

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Many thanks @robertklep!
This is really helpful.