Typescript compilation failed

I’m following a tutorial on youtube (App creation tutorial) on how to create your own app. The only thing I have done differently was selecting typescript when creating the app. Now, when I’m trying to run the app it fails saying

✓ Pre-processing app…
✓ Typescript detected. Compiling…
× Error occurred during while running tsc

Typescript compilation failed.

What have I done wrong?

Try running npm run build to see what the actual error is.

I tried that and the result I get is:

com.athom.climatecontrol@1.0.0 build

And that’s it? No errors or warnings?

Yes that is correct. See attached screenshot.

That’s annoying. My guess is that the failure isn’t actually related to the Typescript compilation (because that seems to work just fine) but one of the other commands that are part of the TS compilation workflow.

Athom doesn’t typically test their code on a lot of platforms, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this is a Windows-specific issue. I don’t run Windows so can’t help with more testing.

I would suggest posting an issue here: Issues · athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues · GitHub (include the screenshot, because it shows that the issue isn’t the TS compilation but something else).

Okay, I’ll do that. Thanks a lot. I really apreciate your help. :slightly_smiling_face: