Development environment

Hi all.

I am trying out Homey app development, and I am trying to use some of the principles and practices I am used to from web applications. So I installed eslint, typescript and other tools to be able to write in similar fashions to how I am used to. However, doing this made the homey-app go from 2 MB to 14 MB (so far), and now it takes over 30 seconds just to start it up.

Also, I feel it is a little impractical to close and restart the app every time I need to test a code change.

Is there a more practical way? A watch mode (similar to when developing web applications with webpack) or something else making the development environment a bit more practical.

Make sure those are listed in devDependencies in package.json. When they are, they should be removed from the file that gets uploaded to Homey.

This has been on the wish list for developers for more than 4 years now, but Athom never bothered. But hey, at least the developer website got a cool permanent dark theme…

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Ah, I had it all in devDependencies, except the eslint package, now it got back down to 2MB. Thanks :smiley: