Hot reload/Watch mode

When developing a app, is there support for hot reload? Stopping and starting is just to time consuming :grimacing::smile:

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This was asked for years ago (at some point I tried implementing incremental app uploads but it was pretty basic, never worked very well, and I moved my home automation to Home Assistant not long after so it became less relevant for me) but Athom hasn’t really made any efforts in improving the developer experience :cry:

Perhaps the upcoming Docker-based development environment (for the new Homey Pro) will work a bit better, but I’m pretty sure you’re still going to have to do the whole stop/start routine for every change.

That is a shame… it really makes me think twice about creating apps… it will take so much more time without it…

So you are no longer using Homey? I keep seeing you in the forum a lot :smiley:

I’m not using Homey for my home automation, but I still have a few apps to maintain :sweat_smile:

The thing that was slowing me down most is that Homey’s storage is incredibly slow, which means that especially when using Node.js packages that consist of lots of files, uploading an app can take 40/50 seconds easily. Which is why I now use this to create single-file modules for most packages, cutting down on installation time considerably (to a few seconds).