Any interest in a generator for app.json from typescript code?

As I am using typescript to write my homey app got fed up with updating app.json so I wrote a quick typescript -> app.json generator.
Now I am curious if there is anyone else using typescript and feels a need for something similar and if so if they would like to collaborate on making it into a node library?
Currently it is very bare bones and does only what I need.

In essence it turns this:

into this:

Not sure if it makes sense or even if anyone is using typescript…
So just throwing this out to see if it sticks somewhere…

PS: In case you are wondering about handling multiple languages the idea is to use a translation file like for the regular app.

// Michael Medin

The Homey compose plugin that the CLI offers build-in, is for my doing more then enough to keep the app.json easily manageable

As I understand it that does not actually help you with updating the file it simply assemble the file from a bunch of other files you manually edit right?

The idea here is create the file based on whats in my source code, so adding a new trigger to my code will also add the corresponding json entries as well as keeping the two in sync.

Is this a thing?
I’ve been thinking about trying ts for new app, and this might come in handy. Also maybe you have starter template for ts based app?