Is there anyone who have any good idea how to control a TV lift
The motor is a Limoss 30v
The lift was diliverd with a RF remote with up and down bruttons
I bought a wired remote to connect to some zwave or zigbee product
I hope someone can help me

and we have to guess…how to connect that wired remote to a device wich works with homey? or you gonna give us some info on how the wiring is… ect ect.

Search this forum for TV lift, many hits.

This is the wired Remote

A possible double relay is the Fibaro FGS-222, this is a potential-free (dry-contact) relay, but any potential free double relay can be used.
connect IN to V
connect Q1 to M1-
connect Q2 to M1+
Connect Power to L and N

Be sure in your flows, that both relays are never switched on at the same time.

Thank you very much for the help
The FGS-222 is out of stock

Do you think it works with Aeotec Dual Nano Switch (ZW140)

What are the specs?


This is also a possibility:
connect IN to V
connect OUT1 to M1-
connect OUT2 to M1+

Super thanks
I ordred one now, in 3 days i will be able to ad my lift to a flow

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I conected the wires like this
Nothing happens when i open the switches

"open the switches", what does that mean, I’m not so good in shorthand writing.
Did you include the switch to Homey?
Can you control both the switches via Homey?
If all Yes, then try to use the white wire instead of the blue wire.

Shouldnt be wise to start , to find out how the remote works… instead of just switching wires to try. Take a meter and in a few seconds you know.

Now i have worked out how it should be wired to work
But i dont understand how its going to work with the double switch zwave divice
If i connect
the lift moves down
And if i connect
The lift goes up

That is a problem, this cannot be switched only by the double switch.
I guess, there is a voltage between the GREEN and WHITE wire, green is + and white is - ?
How high is this (DC) voltage?
This voltage must be switched to the RED and BLACK wires, in UP position straight through, and in DOWN position, crossed.
Therefore are 2 changeover contacts needed.

Green is + and white is -
It is 29.5 volts

Adding a 24V - 30V DC relay could do this: (the voltage will drop when the motor starts running)

I googled around but i dont know what to buy
There are many diffrent double changeover relays
Do you have any tips

Search for: # 10A Dpdt Relais 24VDC LY2N