-> TV lift -> Zwave? Works with Homey?


So Personally I do hate how TV’s look as an object or furniture, they always are very intrusive in a space, and when off just a “black hole”. Anyhow, that’s my personal taste. But this question comes from my disliking of TV-objects.

Now I am building made to measure Bibliotheque/media-center hideaway, for our sitting room.
And I am thinking about hiding away the TV screen inside a cabinet, and make it come up when needed with a TV-lift.

I wonder thus does any of you have a tip for a Lift that works with Homey?

I have been contemplating different solutions until now.
1- get it to work via a Harmoney Hub, and from there to Homey.
-> Yes it works, but it’s a messy solution i find, i would like some elegance into the system.
2- Hack one, install a Fibaro Relay or 3 way switch and work that way.
3- make one my self with a Shutter motor, with a Dimmer module, or a Motor that is already Homey Aproved.

I thus come to you, to see if anyone has a better idea or knows of something i didn’t find? …


If you have an on/off lift you could use a wall switch.
Leave the lift on and switch on and off via zwave or zigbee or any other.

Most tv lifts have aan wired switch, you can mount a shutter module like Fibaro

I got around this by buying Samsung - the Frame - it sits flat against the wall and when turned off looks like a price of art rather than a tv, when it’s turned off.