Tuya Missing Capability Listener: onOff


I had to restore my homey today and suddenly i get the message Missing Capability Listener: onOff when I try to turn a plug (Tuya) on.

When i try to turn on a tuya light i get no response

When i use the tuya app i have no issues

I am on the official API
Homey app
Tuya app 1.1.12

I tried: different wifi channels…
Restore and reboot

Seams like i have no connection to tuya at all

Hi Wayne,

Done tnx

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How did you solve this problem please? I have the same message now from Homey.

Pls use the dedicated Tuya Cloud topic.
The first post holds all info you need.

First guess: you’ll need to extend the 6-months iot trial period.