[TUTORIAL] Using Tasker / KLWP together with Homey

I stand corrected, thank you! With the correct Bearer token, it works :smiley:

I did try, but somehow managed to not use the correct token (found a GUID I incorrectly used due to lack of better knowledge). Now I managed to see the bearer token flash by before disappearing. Anyway, I’m a noob with bad luck, but I’m grateful for your help. Thank you!

How do we get the token with homey 2.xx? Or is it the same as before?

anybody knows if the bearer token still works on the 2.0 beta and if so how to get it?

No bearer token so far I know with v2 but have http request working from tasker with ‘webhooks’. If you search on that term on this forum you find info. The app ‘webhook manager’ can help you get a url included with a key.

Thanks vanGilles, will follow your advice.

Would I set it up the same way?..
I get an 403 error… and I guess it has something to do with header content type. because I don’t knwo that. Evyerhting else it working I think

So I am a noob in tasker. Bought it once , long ago, do not even know why anymore. Never used it.

Not me. Sorry.

Presence detection of Homey is shitty. (Have two issues running, no respons, maybe someday, maybe not)
I want to leave that behind and move on.

I hear some people praise using tasker for presence detection. But how do you do that, what settings in tasker do you use? What works for you best?
Be as verbose at those settings as you like…

Have you read the tutorial: [TUTORIAL] Using Tasker / KLWP together with Homey

It’s pretty much all in there, I cant tell you much more. Be aware that this is written for Homey firmware 1.5.x. I have not not installed firmware 2.x (and might never do so) so I’m not sure if this still works.

Yes. I would like to pick up where you stop. You have focused on how to use tasker<=>homey and did a great job at it. I would like to know how people use tasker. And specifically: presence detection.

@seiko if you fancy, I would like to know what settings you use?
And at others: what settings do you use? How for me to use tasker to be able to get a reliable presence detection?

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Is there a way to get this working with 2.0?

Please in English or use dutch forum, thanks

Hero. I’m gonna look into it :slight_smile:

For people who do not speak dutch and have the same question. During the upgrade to firmware 2.x the token changes. So you will need to retrieve your new token. This is a little more complex on firmware 2.x but it’s described here: https://github.com/irritanterik/homey-realtime-logpage/blob/master/getbearer.md

Do you know if the homey+tasker+autoremote route is good, or do you have any updates? I want homey to trigger tasker on certain occasions, and this would be golden :slight_smile:

I don’t use Homey anymore but this should still work.

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I want to be able to start flows from Tasker.

I have:

A working Homey
An Android smartphone with Tasker installed
RESTask installed
My bearer token from ( homey-realtime-logpage/getbearer.md at master · irritanterik/homey-realtime-logpage · GitHub)

Problem is that my.athom.com does not respond, so I can’t get my ID.

How do I get the ID?