[Tutorial] Presence detection with bluetooth beacon

Hello Peter and Patrick,

First of all thanks for your concerns regarding my set-up. But, if there is one lesson I’ve learned since I’m a Homey owner, it would be; check compatibility before buying!!

So, prior to ordering, I read almost all 450+ posts in this topic to make sure I wouldn’t end up with non working devices.

As written in the OP by the developer of the Beacon app, Tile Pro is on the short list of devices tested to work with the app. And they work flawlessly so far.

Peter; I never mentioned ordering Tile Pro 2020
Patrick; your statement is incorrect. Tile Pro is working 100%… just not the newest Tile Pro 2020 version.

Maybe you both didn’t realise there are 2 versions of Tile Pro? The newest 2020 version will not work… the previous Tile Pro’s work like intended.

In addition to this I now can confirm/answer my own question… hiding the Tile in the native app is enough to get things working. You don’t have to delete the app or unpair device. So… in case of losing your keys, un-hide Tile in native app>find keys>hide Tile again. Also, because we have 2 Tiles, we made the decision to both install the app (separate accounts with one Tile). All works as expected. :+1: