[Tutorial] Presence detection with bluetooth beacon

You can find more information of the app here: [APP][Pro] Beacon - Detect your presence with BLE beacons

This app integrate the basic flows for BLE beacons into Homey. Once the app is installed it will do a discovery of BLE devices, after a short adjustable timeout it wil keep discovering. After each discovery the app compares the found devices with the one paired. If the beacon is not found within the new “discovered list” the beacon is changed in state.

For filtering out false positives there is a verification amount inside or outside the range available in the settings. This setting is the amount of times the beacon needs to be changed before it wil marked as such. The amount will be reset if the beacon is not in that current state.

And here is some Q&A

Q1 Why is the beacon marked ‘outside range’ when i use the beacon with my phone?

If a BLE beacon is connected to a device (phone) it cannot be discovered anymore and the app set the device as away. You can prevent this by removing the app from your phone.

Q2 Why is the beacon marked ‘outside range’ after a couple of minutes?

Your beacon is powering down for saving energy. Sometimes this is configurable by the manufacturer his software.

Q3 Is the app compatibel with v2.0.0?

The app will be compatible from version v1.2.1 on Homey firmware > v2.0.5