Turning up the bathroom floor heating when my dynamic ANWB Energy contract gives me 'free' energy

Right so I recently got my Homey Pro and installed a Z-Wave thermostat for my bathroom floor heating.
What I’d like to do is turn on the floor heating whenever my dynamic ANWB Energy contract gives me ‘free’ energy.
I’ve installed PBTH but I’m a bit confused on how to properly set it all up - there’s no “Free energy NOW!” trigger; PBTH needs to be properly configured to take into account taxation and markups.

Help with figuring out how to enable the floor heating for (almost) free will be greatly appreciated!

When the hourly price changes to 0 or lower, this card triggers

Search the forum for ANWB, can’t miss, first hit here… It’s extensively described how to configure it :grimacing:

I won’t spoil your fun, but I think your use case will (almost) never become active. When prices (including tax and markup) are negative, in most cases it’s spring or summer and you won’t be needing your heating.