Turning on and off floor heating with wireless temp sensor

Hi all
I just wondering if anyone knows what the best way to be to control my floor heating with an outside temp sensor. Ideally i would like to control it on a x,y axis curve. I dont know if this is even possible with the apps available on homey.

Any help would be appreciated

Following this thread if someone has some bright ideas.

I have made my heating in the bathroom so that it heats it only during low electricity price (usually night-time). For now I have only made logic that it will check how low the bathroom temperature drops during the day and adds the temperature or the duration of the heating if the set minimum temperature is not achieved. This way it will automatically minimize the heating temperature and time during summertime and turn the heating higher automatically during wintertime.

Couple of ideas

  1. Calculate the heating need (kWh) based on outside temperature and inside temperature and the thermal conductivity of the wall, roof and floor structures. You have to know or calculate the thermal conductivity based on the used structure.
  2. I have made a calculation that how much electricity is used in my house compared to the temperature difference of inside and outside temperatures, this calculation is made every 2 minutes and an average is calcuted for this. Basic rough assumption is that all electricity is transformed into heat. This way I can calculate a rough value how many watts do I need to heat based on the temperature difference. Haven’t used this yet into any heating scheme but it could be used somehow.
  3. One option would be to use the weather forecast to check the average temperature of the next 24h and calculate the need for heating based on that. Don’t have yet any ideas how the heating is then adjusted…