Turn on Shelly Plug when heating is active

Hi, I would like to turn on my Shelly Plug when my rooted Toon starts heating.

I’ve connected my floor heating system to the Shelly Plug and would like to start running the pump only when the heating is active. I’ve already setup some flows to spin up the pump every twelve hours for 15 minutes to keep it from rusting/jamming.

Open-Toon does not seem to have a trigger ‘when heating starts’

Can someone help me out?

Isn’t there a card with something like “The target temperature changed”?

Yes there is, but a higher temp is also a change…

Ideally there should me something like ‘if heater is active…’

You said that the plug should be activated when heating is on. Correct?
Do you have something like the measured temperure? With Toon or an other connected temperature meter? If so.
WHEN target temperature changed
AND target temperature is > then measured temperature
THEN turn on plug

Fot the AND card you need a logic card.

Didn’t think of that!
I’ll see if I can figure that out.

And maybe you yave to stop the other flow at that moment because he stops the flow after 15 minutes.
And activate the flow when the heating is ready.

You also have to make another flow if the plug starts when the temperature is changed. He has also have to stop after a x time.

When you heve started the flow that the temperature has changed and the plug goes on you can in the THEN card add Start a flow(plug on)

Make another card named plug on
WHEN this flow has started
THEN turn plug of after 1 hour.
Or whatever time you want.

Do you know if there is a capability for this (Developer → Devices)?

I don’t know Toon, but my wall thermostats also switch between “heat” and “don’t heat”. Unfortunately, there are also no trigger cards for this.
But in such a case that there are capabilities available and no flow cards, you can use the app Device Capabilities.

I think I’ve got it, without creating a manual Logic Card.

It’s like this now;

The Temperature has changed
‘Ingestelde temperatuur’ (set temperature)
is more than
‘Temperatuur’ (measured temp by Toon itself)
Turn on Shelly Plug

Both Logic Cards are provided by OpenToon.
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