Active floor only when sensor is triggered

Hi. I have created a flow thats rises the temperature to a specific temp when the the 1. floor is active (example when I wake up in the morning and walk out in the Living room. The «when» is when 1. floor is active. But the floor is only active when the sensors Are triggered, so when i’m out of sight to a sensor the floor turns inactive, Even though im still there and want the floor to continue active. How can i force the floor to be active? Can i use a timer to force the floor to be active? I need help

The only way to set a zone active is with using a door or moition sensor. There is no card to set the zone active.

So … you could make a boolean. if zone became active set to true


This is in Norwegian, but is says when floor is active set temp to comfort temp (i have set the temp to lower when i am asleep). When the temperature changes on my AC unit in the Living room, it beeps. I noticed a morning that every time i walked in front of a fibaro motion sensor, it sent a command to the ac to set comfort temp. So, it beeped every time i passed by. I want the floor to stay active for example 30 min every time a motion sensor is triggered, snd when its not triggered for 30 min the floor to befome inactive.

Your sure about that ?

And what is behind the Flow “Hjemmetemperatur”?

Lots of confusing stuff here.
When zone becomes active is a trigger.
The zone itself will not stay active ofc. When motion stops the zone will become inactive!
The flow however will trigger again on next motion, zone becomes active again. So if u want the flow to run one time, or just for 30 minutes, add a card to deactivate the flow. U can also add a card to activate the flow again after 30 minutes. Just add a delay to that card.

Ok, I understand what you mean and yes ofc, you’re right. So I think I probably misunderstood @RoyWissenburg , too, sorry.

But, it depends on what action do you want to trigger, e.g. a lamp stays on. So that’s the reason why I wanted to have a look on the flows.

@Fredeflu, ofc, the flow is only started once when the zone became active is triggered again. So please post u second flow.

I deleted my bullshit…


Thanks for replies guys. I think i’m not explaining it correctly, but i managed a way to not send a new command to the ac when homey allready have sent a command. Then i dont have to hear the beep over and over. But since you Are helping me guys, as i have said i want the temp to rise when i wake up and walk in the Living room. At the same time i dont want the temp to rise if i’m just passing the Living room on the way to the toilet, In other Words, i want homey to check if i’m still awake and not have gone to bed again… hope this is not to confusing…

Hjemmetemperatur is just commands to ac and panel ovens to set to a temperature i have stored in Logic

Very nice but this is for future reference not the correct way to solve a problem. Maybe also tell what u did to manage it so other users with the same problem can also have fun with it.

The «and» card checks that the present temp on the ac is not the same as the temp in hjemmetemperatur card. So when the floor is active for the frist time it sends the command, but next time the floor is active, the temp is allready equal to the temp in hjemmetemperatur and it does not send a new command

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