Turn on lights smoothly in sync (Zigbee groups)


I’m coming from Philips Hue and Home Assistant. But I don’t want to mess with my Smart Home Setup anymore and want something polished. But there is something that is very important for me. Turning on light bulbs smoothly in sync, like it is done in Philips Hue.
I was able to reproduce this behaviour with Zigbree Groups in Home Assistant.
But I am not sure if this is also possible in Homey.
I was reading that there is a Zigbee stack rewrite going on and that this is a feature that could be supported in the future. I also saw taht Homey documented Zigbee groups in their Zigbee documentation .

So here is my question now. Does Homey now support Zigbee groups or is there an alternative way to get light bulbs turning on and off smoothly and in sync with Homey. I have a lamp with three smart light bulbs and I want to make sure that they are turned on"nicely" and not one after one.

Thank you very much!