Turn off Roborock Dock when charging is finished

I have slightly modified this flow to work with my smart socket and Roborock dock:

It’s correct right that with Advanced Flows we can merge the 3 flows from the example (since advanced flows wasn’t a thing yet then)?

Assuming this works, it should turn off the dock when it’s finished charging (in stand-by power usage is around 2-3 W, but only if there hasn’t been a peak above 5 W during 1 hour. This to prevent it from turning off when the robot vacuum is actually cleaning (and away from the dock).

So in logic terms: WHEN power < 5 W DURING 1h THEN turn off.

I know there’s a Roborock app available for Homey (which will actually tell when it’s finished charging) but I would have to use another app on my phone which I don’t want to do.

Yes, and you’ve done it according your screenshot

With this card from Device Capabilities, you can do exactly as you wished for:


Ha, I had already installed Device Capabilities but hadn’t found a use for it yet. Guess I do now :wink:

Thanks for making things even more efficient.


DC is a very versatile app!
This particular card should be a standard Homey card imho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: