Turn of sound

How do i turn of the sound in the new Mobile app for Android?

Dunno but you can always use apps like LightFlow to make notifications awesome and fully custom on Android :smiley:

Remove the notification sound in the app settings…

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How do i do that on a Samsung? I can’t find it.


There is only “show notifications”.
Nothing about sound.

It’s depending on what version of Android you have. With older versions it can be under sounds & notifications, with the newer versions it should be in the section @RoyWissenburg pointed out and then possibly one level deeper under “notification categories”.

This is the only settings for the app

Tap on the name (in the screen above here) of the notification to get to the sound settings.

Then i just comes ti this screen


When you are on this screen, Tap op the text :image

Then the settings page for the sound for this notification will show up.(sorry for Dutch)

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Thank so much.

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