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Pushbullet wont show notifications!?

Hello i have used pushbullet too get my notifications from homey. I have now changed phone. I have changed the flows to my new phone. But i get the message in my phone in pushbullet app but no notifications. is there anyone that had this problem or have solved this problem?

pretty sure, the problem is in your Phone :wink: check your settings about notifications. nothing to do with homey as your already mention the message that homey sends arrive in the app.

Yea thought so too but there is no setting that I can find that is wrong notification is on in the app and it is allowed in the phone

Solved it!

Reinstalled app putted vibration on always then it worked

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Ok, cool.
Gonna close this topic. If u have any problems with that plz feel free to contact me or another moderator.