Turn light off?

I am completely novice to Homey flows. I am making an advanced flow for my outside light but I can’t figure out how to close light after 10 minutes?

In the same section where you find IF, AND and THEN, you’ll find also a START, WAIT, ALL and ANY card that you can ad to your flow. Look for that WAIT card.
Look for more info at the Athom Homey video’s on Youtube ( Athom Homey - Advanced Flow - YouTube )

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Figuring out yourself (with some help from here) is the best learning method imho, and it takes a while to ‘get it’.

But, to get the hang of it, you can import (and export) (basic) flows as well, like a motion and lux driven light. This is a very recent added functionality!
It works when you install Device Capabilities App for Homey | Homey

Indeed, you might have use have a few Templates that you can import:

You can select these templates directly in the Device Capabilities App → App Settings → Templates.

How to use the Templates of The Flow Exchange?

I have a problem closing the lights.

This should work:
This flow triggers a light when a motion sensor triggers, or a person enters the home location. With both events, the light turns off after 5 minutes, IF there’s no motion detected in the mean time

You can import it right away.
Open Device Capabilities settings
Hit ‘Templates’
Hit “AF Motion and presence activated Light/Device with Sunset condition”
Screenshot from 2022-10-07 15-29-50

Or use this (how to is in post #1 of the topic below)

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If you do not mind, I post below an alternative using the built-in timers of Homey. Many ways lead to Rome.
The benefit is easy maintenance:

  1. Add/Replace a motion sensor to a zone
  2. Add/Replace lamps to a zone
  3. No need for a special stopwatch/countdown

One virtual device (motion trigger) required :smiling_face_with_tear:
Virtual Devices are extremely useful.

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