Turn device on/off when timer is paused/resumed?

How do I turn a device off if a timer is paused and turn it on again when the timer is resumed?

In advanced flows I have set up so that when I press the on button my microwave turns on and turns off the dishwasher. Then a timer is started and it turns off after 10 minutes.

My dishwasher is also set on a timer.
But what I want to do is if the dishwasher is on and I turn on the microwave, I want the timer for the dishwasher to pause and turn the dishwasher off. When the microwave is turned off I want the timer to resume and turn the dishwasher back on again.

Of course if there is no timer running for the dishwasher when I turn the microwave on, I don’t want any timer to start once it’s turned off.

What timer app are you using?

I have tried chronograph, countdown and Timer.

This is the main part of the automatisation:

Watch out for the Chronograph card at the bottom right, that’s the action card:
The entered time is irrelevant, because this card lets the timer continue.

And this is the indicated flow for the dishwasher. Yours will look different, the only important thing is that the Yes/No logic variable “Dishwasher” is included in the flow, when the dishwasher is turned on:

I tested it with virtual devices and it worked. My suggestion would be that you also test the flows first with virtual devices and shorter times before you change your current flow for the dishwasher.

Info: I used short times to test the flow. You must use your real times, of course.
If you need help with translation, please let me know.

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This worked, thank you so much :blush: