Microwave and Dishwasher

I am relatively new to homey and still trying to figure things out.

Although I have configured most things by myself already, I have a few problems that I need help with.

So first let me explain what I need to solve and then maybe someone can give me some pointers in the right direction.

The problem I have is that when ever I run my dishwasher and at the save time try to use my microwave at the same time the fuse goes for some reason.

So when ever I want to warm up some food I need first to check and make sure the dishwasher is not running. If I forget… Fuse!

Then after warming up the food I need to again remember to turn the dishwasher back on again.

I wanted to automate this process somehow, so I bought 2 IKEA TRADFRI outlets and 2 IKEA TRADFRI On/Off switches.

One switch and outlet is for the microwave and the other for the dishwasher.

Now I have set up so that if I press the switch for the microwave it turns off my dishwasher and a 10 min timer starts for the microwave.
I have also programed a timer for the dishwasher 130 minutes.

Also I have programed the dishwasher not to turn on if the microwave is on.

However when ever the microwave turns off, either by the timer going down to 0 or I manually press the off switch I have set the dishwasher timer to start running, which it doesn’t really need to unless the dishwasher was already on before the microwave was started.

So my question is, is it possible to run the dishwasher on a timer, and if I need the
microwave, the dishwasher timer can be paused and then continue once I am done with the microwave without the dishwasher timer resetting or starting when ever the microwave is turned off?

Use the app Chronograph, it can pause and resume a timer you have made with it.

There are hardware solutions for this, e.g. a dual socket that turns the other socket off when the first one draws too much power. That might be easier and cheaper.
You could also use smart plugs that measure power. Be sure to take ones that can handle a lot of power such as Qubino Smart Plug 16A Z-Wave Plus | We ❤️ Smart! | ROBBshop

Then you can use the power measurements of both plugs to see what is on or off and switch one off if needed.

I think the safe answer is to get the electrics fixed as that shouldn’t be happening and could be a fire hazard.

Thanks for the suggestion, I just tried Chronograph and it can indeed pause and resume a timer, but…

When I put in what happens when the microwave is turned off, I can only choose Start or resume timer.

It’s fine with resuming when a timer is paused, but I don’t want it to start a new timer every time I turn the microwave off.

Is there a solution to this?
Or am I missing something?

Yes and I have talked to my landlord who says that this is normal and that they won’t fix it.

So this is kinda my last option.

So to sum it up, I basically need to be able to resume the timer for the dishwasher when the microwave is turned off, but if there is no paused timer I don’t need to start a new one.

In my head this sounds like a very simple function, but it has been proven difficult to achieve with my limited knowledge/abilities.

Agreed with Adrian, so be careful with this setup.
In short, the fuse blows when your dishwasher is heating the water, while the microwave is active.
The combined power consumption then exceeds the fuse limit.

I’m not sure if the automation will be quick enough to prevent the fuse from blowing; Then I’d like to suggest plan B below.

Plan A
To control it by flows:
Your microwave has priority (I imagine), so the dishwasher has to be switched off when the microwave starts to use the slightest amount of power.
Also a delay is needed, to prevent quick on-off-on-off behaviour.

IF smart plug MW power reports > 15W
AND power level of smart plug DW is > 15W
THEN switch smart plug DW Off
AND THEN start timer ‘TimerName’ for 15m

IF timer ‘TimerName’ has finished
AND power level of smart plug MW is < 15W
THEN switch smart plug DW On
ELSE start timer ‘TimerName’ for 15m

IF smart plug DW power reports > 15W
AND power level of smart plug MW is > 15W
THEN switch smart plug DW Off
AND THEN start timer ‘TimerName’ for 15m

-MW = micro wave
-DW = dishwasher
-The timer and power levels are just what I think is practical. To just switch the DW off if both DW and MW use over 15Watts each.
That might be a bit too low, then you can try, say, 25Watts.

Plan B
This way your MW can’t be started if the DW is running. Switch DW off and use the MW.
Disadvantage: you have to remember to switch the DW on again after using the MW.

IF smart plug DW power reports > 15W
THEN switch smart plug MW Off
AND THEN start timer ‘TimerName’ for 15m

IF timer ‘TimerName’ has finished
AND power level of smart plug DW is < 15W
THEN switch smart plug MW On
ELSE start timer ‘TimerName’ for 15m

Thank you for a great explanation.

But is it possible to do that with just the timer? as my ikea outlets don’t report power consumption.

Thanks again

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YW, Branko.
With Ikea plugs, your microwave (and preferrably the DW also) has to be able to send Homey an On or Off state. Does it?
Otherwise, the only way to discover if your MW is running, is to measure the power by using a smart plug with a power measure feature.

Yes it can send on/off states

I am to some degree using plan B,
if dishwasher is on then it turns off when the microwave is turned on. If the microwave is turned on the dishwasher can’t be turned on until microwave is off.

I just need a timer to turn the dishwasher back on/resume timer after the microwave is turned off again.

But if the dishwasher has not been turned on prior to using the microwave I don’t want a new timer to be created when the microwave turns off.

There is a hardware solution for this, a double outlet, one is switched off whenever the other one takes power.