Trying to automate 433 curtains (iris system)

I have a set of curtains, which is called ‘iris system’. I have one remote to control both curtains, it works on 433mhz.

When I let homey listen on 433 and press a button I can see it receives some data. But the strange is (well, strange to me but maybe it is normal), the data is different every time I press the button.

And when I let homey send such a signal nothing happens.

This is a sample of some data homey received. It is all from the same button.





Does anybody have any idea how I would get homey to talk to these curtains?

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A little bump for this topic.

Really, does nobody have a clue? I bought the Homey to be able to open/close my curtains. It’s a pretty useless device for me now…

Somebody must know something. Let me hear you! Thanks

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I have been trying this too! Now i know that the raw data that homey receives has a lot of RF noise.
Have you attempted to copy and paste the raw data in the emulate screen below the record screen? (I assume that you used the Homey developer app ( to record the data?
When you paste the recorded data in the emulate screen, and push the blue emulate button, your curtain should open or close. If not, the raw data is not clean or correct. When this does work… i don’t know. I didn’t get that far, sorry.

I’ve decided to let it go, and ordered a Sonoff 4CH remote at Bangood. Bangood Sonoff 4CH relaybox
When you are, just as me, not able to mount the 4CH relay box near your curtains: order a extra remote, programm it on your curtain motor, Open the remote, solder 3 or 4 threads on the push contacts from the remote, en connect the other ends on the Sonoff 4CH relay box.

A very good tool for the signals is made by Harrie de Groot, you can find it on Github:

Then follow

I got it working with the Sonoff 4ch pro. But not directly with the sonoff app on Homey. I needed to create a account on IFTT and make some Applets by myself, based on “when a flow has started”.
But it works!!! At sunset my window screens close, at sunrise they open. Goodluck all.

I had The s@me problem but found the Brel motors app, that works for Iris curtains