True state of zwave device

Thinking about purchasing a hub to control zwave devices my question is if i have a dimmer being controlled by a pushbutton switch in a room does homey know the state of the dimmer. If i turn it off from the switch and i go to the app will it show it as being off and then can i turn it on with the app.

Which z-wave hub is Homey compatible? I got no results from searching both app stores…

A homey hub

Yes the app knows the state of the zwave device (and depending on the zeave device - also the power usage) as well the current it also records how and when it state was changed. (Pushed, the app, alexa, flows).

Thanks for the clarification.

And how should I know you don’t have a Homey yet?:see_no_evil:

What are you talking about

Just remember a good mesh network is required to ensure fast and accurate sending and receiving of data from the zwave devices to a (any) controller.

I think i will use wifi or zigbee devices with Homey and stay clear of z wave.

Same goes for zigbee

You think stay away from zigbee as well