Transfer Insights data from HP2018 to HP2023

After migrating to HP2023 using backup/restore and some repairs and adjustments to flows, everything is working fine now.
The only thing I am missing is the Insights history that is probably hidden somewhere in a folder on my old Homey Pro.
Is there any way I can get to that data and add it to my new HP2023?
I have been using the Insights Export app, so the data is stored in zipped folders in a cloud-drive, but what I would like, is to see the history in the Homey Insights app. Now, if I choose a period of 1 month, I only see the data that was generated after migrating.


This (potentially loosing Insights data) is holding me back at the moment from migrating to a new Homey Pro. Does anyone already know whether it is possible to migrate historical Insights data from Homey Pro 2016-2019 to Homey Pro 2023 and how this is done?