Tp-link HS110 energy consumptions bars?

Uses a lot of tp-links smart plug to read energy consumption, but only a few show the energy in bars where you can really see when, for example, the dehumidifier or the freezer starts and stops, while some only show a straight line in energy use?
What is the reason for this?
Current power consumption in figures is shown on all but not the bars on all?
What could be wrong?
// P



Hi again
No one knows what it may be of why the energy supply bars work on some but not on others?


How does it look in the Insights, per hour / per 24 hours?

Thanks for your reply

Same problem with insight…some work and some dont work?

Maybe they need to be reset? Or the App needs to be reset? Or Homey needs a PTP (pull the plug for 10 minutes and wait for 30 minutes after power-up).

Thank you very much … did a reset of the tp-link app in Homey and now it works again.


// P

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