Total User Friendly Climate Control - not separate cooling and separate heating


This is a use case which I’m not sure makes sense, so your opinion is valued. I have no experience with advanced climate control so perhaps I’m overcomplicating things, or I may have impractical expectations…

I have an idea to create flows for controlling the climate in our house. We have a number of zones. With devices that can heat (e.g. plugwise zone) and a number of cooling devices (aircos). Some zones have both (and I am forgetting about the heating capabilities of aircos for now).

Presently I have a virtual switch to enable heating or cooling but never both, to avoid situations where both heating and cooling devices work against each other in the same room.

  • So either I control heating (and this will set target temperatures for heating but keep cooling devices switched off)
  • or I control cooling devices (and this will set a low target temperature e.g. 10 degrees for heating devices) to allow for a target cooling temperature.

This leads to some periods in the year where it’s not clear what the switch should be heating/cooling.

I wonder if I can improve automation in my house. Can I regulate ‘temperature’ in a room only, without the need for a heating/cooling switch? does that even make sense?

Without the switch, I could think of a situation where morning heating will happen (which would be unnecessary) when in the afternoon the sun heats the house so much that cooling is needed… This is a situation that should be avoided.

Your thoughts are very welcome :slight_smile: