Tips to use the new Community Forum (Discourse)

Maybe a couple of Tips to use the new Community Forum (Discourse),

Mute Categories

As I am not a fan of the Dutch or Swedish Language i wanted to mute them and don’t see the new discussions in that categories. (Bet could also apply for a Non developer wanting to mute the Developer discussions.)

Go to your Preferences: Click Right Top - Your Picture - Click the Gear:

Click in the left column - Notifications - Categories
Fill in the Categories you want to mute:

Mute Topics

Individual topics can easily be muted or followed by changing the option on the end of the topic.

Mute what you don’t want to see or set Tracking/Watching if you like to get updates. Discourse wil automatically change on replying but you could change it yourself without need to reply with a useless “Following”:wink:

Also please use only the :heart: if you like it and don’t reply with useless “Agree” of +1’s

And Last but not least, feel free to Report [Flag] :black_flag: if you think something is not OK.
(But maybe also check FAQ - Homey Community Forum )


Thanks, very usefull!

thx a lot, great tip!