Timed out whilst adding to Z-Wave network

Appear to be having issues adding MCO switches to the z-wave network. Thought it was just related to MCO gear to begin with, but now it seems to be with most devices.

On the MCO devices the exclution and then inclusion sequence go to plan with the switch responding with the correct light sequence to confirm pairing, but then the Homey app says “adding to the network” and remains that way for a few seconds (30) before saying “there was a problem adding the device, please try again later” but gives no other information to help me sort it out.

I did manage to add one switch, but agian that took a while to pair, but can’t add any more.
Z-wave shows shadow devices which it says are reachable, but no other detials.

Homey was right beside the device (2 meter away) when adding.

I have tried this several times over the last few days and done restarts and anything else i can think of to make it happen.

Anyone else had this or got any suggestions.


Adding devices has to be done as close as possible. I would advice 4-5 inches as max.

I have added many z-wave devices over the years i have been playing with home automation and have never heard of this small distance requirement before, and it surprises me.

I will always try to get the device in the same room, but some of my current devices where included from a different room without any issue !

I will try just to prove the point, but i do not hold out much hope, as if it can not pair when it is 6 feet away i fail to see what difference 6 inches will make.


I moved the Homey to within a couple of inches (almost touching) of the device and tried to add it, it failed again.
I tried to do it over the homey developer web page, but it failed also.

Maybe this link can help [HOW TO] Adding a Z-wave device to Homey

Thanks, Pretty sure i have done all that, but will do it again and the follow the proceedure to the letter.

Ok, completed ptp for 20 mins while i have breakfast, then rebooted and left for another 20min (only running 6 apps right now) while i walked the dog. Device factory reset as per MCO guide, Homey so close it is almost touching the device.
Exclusion sucess as per light feedback on device, inclusion sucess (as far as device is concerned) as per light feedback on device. Homey app sits and thinks for 20 secs then same message, “Unable to add device”. No reason given.
App on phone up to date, (last nights update). Out of ideas now !

Just as more background, i have managed to add one of these switches (2 pole) which i also removed and then readded. I tried to add one of the other 4 pole switches while the 2 pole was excluded, still no luck.


[edit], when failed the device shows up as an “unknown device” and is “reachable” on the zwave developer page.

Tried it all again from the very start and still the same.
The one MCO unit i can include is a MH S312 (2 pole, and Homey is on a desk 3 meters away during process), the unit i can not include which is 3 meters away from first switch is exactly the same model. Had Homey so close it was nearly touching.
Also uninstalled and reinstalled the MCO app, no difference…
I must be missing something ?

Could you try including again via the developer pages, but before you include open the Inspector/console in google chrome (right click on the page -> inspect, or CTRL+I).

There you should be able to see the steps Homey is taking during inclusion (if that hasn’t changed) then you can see in which step it fails.
Can of course be that the device itself is broken, but since it resets successfully, I don’t really think that is the case, unless it just has trouble sending data.

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Finally ! Got them to add.
One last thing to try that i read somewhere on forum, was to drop power to switches for 10 mins also and see if they reset. They did and they all added this time.
Don’t know why that should work as they ahd all been reset, but it did.
One to put down to experience !
Thanks for you help guys.