Time stamp for push notifications on andriod


It is possible to get notifications from homey on andriod with a timestamp?
Most other app in andriod add have a timestamp to the notification and i don’t mean in the notification text. I know how trigger a notification with a text that contains the date or time but that is not what I am after. This looks like it is a attribute on the notification it self that is not set for the homey notification.

I know this has been discussed before but from what i have seen before the solution was to add it to the notification text and that is possible but not as nice.

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Then no, it’s not possible.

So no for homey inbuilt notifications.
But then there are apps. Perhaps there is some notification-app that does this?

If you use variables with text you can.
In the text you can insert another variable for instance time and date.


Like Hugo wrote, just add the standard time (and date) tag in your push message text.

I use Signal (part of the magnificent CallMeBot app) to forward any timeline entry, and instead of push notifications. Timestamps are provided for automatically.

While it’s a bit silly there’s no timestamp in the push notifications, you’d best request for it at Athom @ Support | Homey

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Unfortunately adding the time to text is not a solution that i think is good enough. I just want to glance my notification to know if they are relevant or not.

I’m not interested in expanding and reading every notification just to see what time the notification was sent aspecially since there is a feature for this that makes me not need to.

From the forum i can see that this an issue that has been discussed atleast since 2015 and nothing has happend even if it can’t be that hard to solve it apparently still havent made it on the homey priority list.

I just wanted to check if it was fixed and it was a setting somewhere or if there are other apps that solves this now. I have started to look at the whatsapp app but there i get no notification at all when sending to my self (could be a setting) also installed callmebot but havent had time to test it yet.

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Yup, the only reason imho.

I am using Telegram for notifications for years and it shows the timestamp, also when sent from your own account.

The benefit of Telegram is that it stores history forever and has a desktop app where you can log in with the same account and get access to all notifications.

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