delivery time app

I’m not sure if anything like this already exists for homey, but what i was just thinking ,

Here in the Netherlands there is a Food delivery service called and they provide realtime feedback of your delivery status. Sometimes even where the delivery Guy is…
and I imagine there are similar services in other countries.

But sometimes it can take up to an hour before they arrive and sometimes they are quicker than their first eta

Usually You want to do stuff while waiting… such as taking a shower… but I don’t want to look at my phone every other minute to check how much time i have left… if you could couple that delivery tag / ID to a homey app with for example a flow if delivery time is < 10min flash lights in bathroom or… bedroom ;).
You’d know you have to finish!

What do you guys think?

I have tried to get some information from them about how to access their api’s. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible without paying a huge amount of moneys. So yeah it would be great but for a ‘pet project’ it’s just to expensive.

Ah , I had a hard time believing I was the first with this idea… :slight_smile: maybe there are other ways or other services we can use for this?

Maybe something can be done with the notification you receive on your mobile?