Thread enabled Smartwings roller blind

Can anyone help with how to add these thread but not matter blinds? They have the 8-digit code, but I cannot find a way to add them as a device.

Guess not,

afaik Thread on Homey Pro 2023 is only supported with Matter,

Athom doesn’t mention using Thread without Matter anywhere.

Connecting a Thread device

Homey Pro only supports Thread devices that also use Matter …

That sounds like a HomeKit-over-Thread device. Without a HomeKit hub (like an Apple TV or a HomePod) you won’t be able to make them work with Homey.

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I do have two thread border routers, Apple TV and a mini HomePod. It would be disappointing not to be able add these to Homey somehow. I added Aqara devices using the App, hopefully something similar gets developed for Thread only devices.

It’s not a “Thread-only device”, it’s a “HomeKit-over-Thread device”, which is a specific Apple protocol.

If you want any chance of it working, you need to add your device to your HomeKit setup, and then see if you can add it as a Matter device to Homey.

Thanks for the reply Robert. I do have all my devices in HomeKit. The blinds were easy to add. I could not figure out any way to get what is in Home to the Homey Pro. I have been using Homebtidge on a Raspberry Pi for non HomeKit devices, I was hoping the Homey Pro would be easy for all devices.

You have to find out if it’s possible (somewhere in the Home app) to get a Matter QR or pairing code for the device, which you can then use to add the device in Homey. It should be an 11 or a 21-digit code (not the 8-digit code, that’s only for HomeKit).

Knowing Apple I doubt that’s possible. I appreciate your help. Thank You.