This zone has been inactive for X minutes - Add more options

Hi, first time posting here, and I love my homey.

One thing that would help plenty is to be able to chose from a larger set of times when using the “this zone has been inactive for…” card.

Now its 1-5-10-15-30-45-60.
Suggestion is to add more options in the starting range such as:

Or maybe even the option to add your own number.

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That is the case on Homey (Subscription) and the New Homey Pro (Early 2023)

only not (yet) on the original Homey [Pro] (Early 2016-2019)

Pls create a support Ticket at Athom to request for it. here: Support | Homey
(or upgrade to a Homey Pro (Early 2023) for yourself :wink: )

“This zone is inactive for…” is the same options as the shown "This zone is active for … " screenshots


Good point!
I now prefer to use a timer which takes any number of seconds/minutes/hours/days:

Weird seeing the newer Homeys got this but not the older, weird thing to gatekeep or if its just lost in translation. I’ll send a support ticket.