The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

I’m afraid /guess they advertized the total disk size, not the available disk space with the firmware installed.

2,7 GB is the remaining after Homey Firmware (Operating System)
8GB is the complete Flash on the Raspberry PI Compute module.

Not entirely.

Homey’s storage is split over several partitions:

  • 2x boot partition (256MB each)
  • 2x “core” partition (2GB each)
  • 1x “user/app” partition (2.7GB)

The boot and core partitions are (probably) alternated between when a new firmware gets installed, so Homey always has the previous boot/core partition available in case it needs to revert back.

The user/app partition is the one shown in the storage chart.


Do you also know in what partition the ssh experiment would reside?

On the user/app partition. The experiment uses a minimum of about 265MB of storage space.

Hi @Jon_Carlsen & @Heronimus

If youre still looking to power it via POE.

This one works:
I use it with an Usb-c female to female adapter:


I am running my smarthome currently on a homey early 2019 and from the beginning I have late response on devices which should switch on based on triggers from other devices. Also 2 devices far away from homey sometimes won’t switch on or off even if there are 20+ routers nearby. Will the new Homey pro solve atleast the slow responses because it is way faster?

Hi @HarmJ ,

I can only speak for my own situation. I have had the same concerns.

Now that I have received my HP23, I have noticed quite an increase in response time.
So, I am happy with the performance increase.

Whether or not the range improves; I now have connections spanning 3 floors, which was not seen in the HP19. SO I would say the antennas are better on HP23. Not sure if this would address your other concern.


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Same experience as Roger here, huge boost in both response time and range/reliability.

One example is that in the past I had to work with lots of “then” delays in flows to not bring Homey on its knees. With HP2023 it’s been much more responsive


Here the same. Huge improvement with the HP23 :+1:

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I just discovered that the order of all my Zigbee devices (ID’s) are shuffled. I was very careful to add all the router devices first (Like Homey also asked). But now they are all over the place according to the developer tools. Wondering if it still is a necessity to add the routers first with the new Zigbee chip. Everything works fine, and looks like it doesn’t even have made a mesh network (I don’t see it in the developer tools, but it might just have been removed).

Anyhow, should I file this as a bug?

It does, but it is not available yet in the developer zigbee page as viewable data;
That’s still on the to-do list.


Thanks for this information!

Question, my homey-settings-general-storage shows me that I’m using 0.7gb. When I make a full backup (USB) the file is 1.1gb. Any idea what it is backing up? Maybe that the OS is just 0.4gb and that it is with the ‘current’ os and ‘user’ partition and without both boot partition and second OS partition? (Open question, I don’t have any idea)

With the cloud backup, my homey is ready within 10 seconds. So that is just some config files and instructions what app to download?

Many thanks for help!

Everything. Backups are compressed, hence the small-ish size.

Ah, that makes it a lot clearer, thanks!

Oh… so you’ll still need to use the LAN adapter…
I was hoping for the possibility to use a PoE adapter (Unifi) directly into the Homey Pro.

And no more skipped action flow cards because you triggered too many at a given time.

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Do a search on the community. I have seen PoE compatible device posts.

Thank you for the update! Now let’s place an order :wink:

Have fun! I know I am :smiley: