The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

So in preparation for receiving my new Homey Pro probably in the next 3-4 weeks (right?), I’ve ordered two Homey Bridges that will run in satellite mode.

I ran into issues with my current Pro a long time ago, where I just couldn’t add all the apps I wanted and have a steady (mainly) Zigbee network. Free Mem was about 2% :sweat_smile:.
Almost everything is now connected in my house, but due to the hardware limitations, I was forced to move part of the integration to HomeAssistant which works well.

Curious to learn about the experiences some of the devs probably have now that they have received their units?

Under NDA, apparently.

And only hand picked developers. The community developer maybe getting a shipping notification end of this week or mid next week.

(23.01.2022 on Homey Community Slack)

Hmmm ok. So a 2 week delay with this step. Fingers crossed indeed.

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Finally :slight_smile: