The custom icon that wouldn't show on the web app

Hi Homey guys and girls,

This is about “The custom*** icon that wouldn’t show on the web app.”
Completely suddenly I noticed one of my subwoofer devices showed no custom icon @ the web app
So I tried to swap it with a few other custom icons (not all of 'em) and they just showed like they’re supposed to…
I tested with Homey Cloud and Homey Pro, same results.
Anyone can confirm this?
(Athom has been notified)

  • Mobile app

  • Web app (also no icon in night mode)

Android10 Homey app v6.11.1.884 (beta)
HomeyPro v7.3.0-rc6

***] With custom icons I mean the additional icons you can select at a device settings page:

Hi Peter,

I tried and have the same result with Homey pro
In the app I see the subwoofer pictogram and in my homey not

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Had a look - only the Subwoofer Glif not showing in the Web app - tried the others and they all seem fine

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Thanks for checking, @woto
I got a reply from support yesterday: