Text expression of enum capabilities?

Is there a way to read the text expresion of a enum capability?
I have an enum capability to show the device state in the sensor view.
I would like to add an invisible capability for export via MQTT which should contain the text.

As I’ve seen the capability only offers the value (the enum value).
Can I read the value using the I18N functionality? I only found the __ method for default I18N text from the /locales/de.json, but not from the capability definition.

Is there a way to get the capability text or is it necessary to define a corresponding text in /locales/?

You can find it it this.manifest.flow.actions[yourActionId].args[yourArgumentId].values

Hi, a bit late :slight_smile:
Got this hint on Slack (from you?) a long time ago. As I remember right, I filter the capability enum list for the key and the title by Homey language. Works fine.

Hehe, I know, I just searched for something else and this long unanswered question popped up. I figured it was better to have an answer here in case someone else was searching for it later :slight_smile:
(and no, it was someone else, I did not even have a homey that long ago :joy: )