Testing and showing flows

When a flow has a random timer. E.g. for a light, which has to turn on-off during night time randomized.

Where, how, when (or not), … will it show in the ‘insights’ schematic?

More specific, if I test the flow in the evening, can I see if it wil work during night, especilly the random feature.

Insight values are only added when a capability value changes.
So not when the flow card timer is started for example

You can see when the light is on and off.
You could use additional “cards” with the better logic app.
Those show up in the insights :wink:

Thanks both for the reply.

You might also use a logger app: https://apps.athom.com/search?query=Log

The homey logger is a nice app. Was looking for a logger which is presenting, for instance, a random flow with a graph. Just to have a better view of wshat is happening. The insights are doing this, but the interface to the screen is not really clear.

Thanks for the tip, anyway.