Tesla app not working in v2.0

Since the update to v2.0 the Tesla app is not configurable under settings any more. This means that the credentials of the car can’t be entered in Homey anymore and geofencing stopped working.
Anyone a solution ?


Same problem here. I am a new user without previously configured Tesla App settings. App does’t show up in App Settings screen.

I noticed that the developer is aware of this and working on an update. Beta is almost due:


I would love to have an update as well :smiley:

If you upgraded from firmware v1.5.x with a working App, it also works in v2.0.x But installing and trying to configure it for the first time on v2.0.x doesn’t work as of now. Hopefully the developer will make it compatible with Homey version 2 very soon.

Any progress with this? I experience the same problems with geofencing.

I will follow this discussion, as my homey will arrive soon. One of the reasons I bought it, was the connectivity to tesla, sonos, Ikea lightbubbels and my Brel screens…

Looking forward to make my first flows.