Tesla geofencing


I cannot choose another geofence than “Home” in the Tesla app. I am trying to add geofence and are using the link in the app.

Is this not working, or am I doing it wrong?

Best regards Arnfinn


I have the same problem.


Ok, find the solution.

  1. Type a namn for a geofence
  2. Push “+”
  3. In the map choose to draw a cirkle or rec. etc.

Did you get to save it? My problem is that the new geofence is not being saved…

Yes, it’s saved automaticly when you have define your area (in my case)-

BTW I used Google Chrome.

Great! Are you able to use it in flows?

Yes, I have a flow when my wife use the car to the work and the AC start 15 minutes before she quit. All this depending on that it´s in the right geofence and weekdays.

Great usecase! :+1::blush:

I don’t have a + button when selecting geofence. Should there be one? Homey pro.

Apps > Tesla > configure app.

Thanks. For me using the browser with the last link worked best for me. (Could not get the geofence in the app to work)…