Temperature Sensor Addon for Shelly 1/1PM

I would love it if i can add the new temperature add-on in the shelly app.
With this add-on u can use DS18B20 temperature sensors on the shelly 1/1PM, for now it is max 3, but will be more in later firmwares.

How can i contact Jelger Haanstra (created shelly app) for an request?


appstore ,app shelly

Please don’t wonder, the text is curiously because I can only move my head. Thank you for your understanding.

Iam sure if you post it on the Shelly topic he would read it.

Otherwise @Phuturist :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

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It will be added if the API documentation is updated with this device or someone decides to donate or loan me a device that I can use for testing the API myself.


Do u have a 1/1PM yourself, so donating only an add-on with 1 sensor will be sufficient ?

I have one Shelly 1 but it’s built in a socket and I really dont want to take it out as it was a hassle fitting it in there. So either wait for the API documentation or get enough money together for a Shelly 1(PM), Temperature Sensor Add-On and one DS18B20.

Perhaps @Domotica_Shop_nl is willing to chip in as well. They have offered to send me devices in the past to get them integrated into the Shelly app.

Hi Phutorist, sorry for the late reply still would like to receive the sensor and add on ?

As mentioned above. Next to the Temperature Sensor Addon for Shelly 1/1PM + an actual temperature sensor (DS18B20) I also would need a Shelly 1 or Shelly 1 PM to test this as I’m not planning on opening up my wall to integrate the sensor on my own Shelly 1. I’m fine waiting for the API documentation to update but Allterco is not very fast with these updates so it may take some time. There is even a small chance the API itself has not been updated to support reading out this external temperature data, meaning I would not be able to integrate it at all.

An alternative is that someone with a working external temperature sensor could posts me the output of http://<< yourshelly1ip >>/status


We will ship a Shelly1 with the addon and sensor today. We believe this is the fastest way to move forward at the moment.


Shipped ! ; )


And it’s here … :pray:

Will look into it this weekend.

I just published release 1.16.1 in the app store which includes support for the temperature add-on for the Shelly 1 and Shelly 1PM. It’s pending approval by Athom which might take a couple of days.

Thanx again for donating the devices @Domotica_Shop_nl .




Can u add 4 temp sensors at one shelly 1PM?

“The Shelly temperature sensor add-on for Shelly 1/1PM is an additional module to connect up to 3 DS18B20 temperature sensors or 1 DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor to a Shelly 1 or Shelly 1PM”

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Tnx, but i saw the screenshot from Ruben_Vallinga with 4 sensors in it.

Three external sensors and the internal overheating protection sensor.

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