Temp calibration Hue sensor

Hi all,

I had installed a Hue Outdoor Sensor without a Hue Bridge. It work and as I remember I could calibrate / correct the temperature of the sensor.
But the sensor kept blinking red, because it wasn’t connected to a Hue Bridge. So I bought a bridge, connected to lights and sensor and it worked immediately, but I didn’t look for the advanced settings.

Now I have bought an indoor motion sensor, looked for the temperature and that needed a correction when I look at my thermostat. But there are no advanced settings… Also there are no advanced settings at the Outdoor Sensor connected through the Bridge.

Is there a way to correct the temperature of the sensors?
The idea is to arrange my floor heating in the future with the temperature motion sensors…so the temperature has to be right…

I didn’t found anything in the Hue app nore in the internet.

I don’t know, if the led blinks also red when the OS lost the connection to Homey. But I didn’t search any informations to this point and I have my OS connected to the Hue Bridge.

If there is a possibility to “calibrate” of an indoor motion sensor, I don’t know because I don’t own one.

But if it is a linear temperature deviation (what I suppose), you can calculate the "real " temperature with a variable and use it for your temperature control.