Telegram app unexpectedly stopped

Hi guys,

Need help. My telegram always having error.

See picture below.

I have the same since a couple of days:

I made a flow to restart the app after a crash, but would prefer a real solution :grin:

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Well, no. The developer was notified by Homey.

Please share your flow.

Thank you

Developer is notified via gh issues, is mentioned in Slack and pm is sent also in Slack. Then he gets several emails from users automagically so he should know by now.


Sure! Here you go:

I added the delay to avoid a crash loop, which in return might cause Homey to stop responding

The benefit of posting this issue on the forum is that others might have a solution or workaround. Also, it is good to read that 'I am not the only one" with that issue. And, also, now other with the same issue are informed that indeed the developer has been notified via other channels (slack and gh issues).


Wait, i dont have this option on the flow.

How to get system on the flow?

Enable power user in settings/experiments

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mine stopped working too

Strange. I had a crash every 6-10 hours. Yesterday afternoon I restarted Homey itself. No more crashes since then … so far

EDIT: that only helped for 26 hours.

Just talked to the developer. He just got back from his vacation and is going to look into it. No ETA.
For now just try a restart of the app itself and let us know ur findings.

3 crashes in one hour and an interesting discussion going on at GitHub. I think (hope) we’re getting closer to a solution. Go for it developers!

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Issue can be monitored here:


Seems data from one user was sent to all users of the Telegram App and crashed that because of invalid formatted data.
The user who’s data it concerned has reported this at the Dutch Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens and will turn this into a complaint when it’s not resolved to his satisfaction.
Athom has fixed the data leak on their end, no official report yet.

To be continued…

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