Tailscale App

IT would be nice to have a Tailscale app, where you can run a tailscale node on Homey Pro and connect to your tailscale network. This would make it easy to set up for instance a Homey Satellite in another network. It shouldnt be that hard to makeeither , I have this up and running on my Raspberry Pi’s. Also there are Tailscale apps for many systems.


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Maybe this is possible to set this up in the SSH Sandbox?


That’s what non-developers always say :man_shrugging:t3:

I doubt it, since it requires host-OS support.

Questions newer can be stupid , but surley answers can.
Why would it be impossible? I run Tailscale on several Raspery Pi’s both in native OS, and conteneirized. There are apps on most common plattforms. but not on Homey pro. If you dont have a better answer than this, its better to not answer at all.

Tailscale uses Wireguard, and Wireguard needs root access to install. Homey apps don’t have that. Homey apps also cannot start containers.

The SSH experiment runs inside a Docker container itself. For Wireguard to work inside a container, the container has to be created using specific settings, and those settings are not set for the SSH experiment container. They also cannot be changed/added.

Obviously all depends on Wireguard being actually supported by Homey’s kernel which, as far as I can see, it isn’t.

Thank you, much better answer. I will look into this further. You say SSH experiment runs in a docker continer, then homey must use docker? Also I read something about Homey compose. Maybe I can create compose yaml file to see if this may work. Possibly I will read the Apps SDK to learn more about creating apps for homey.


It will not, for the reasons I mentioned (Homey apps cannot start Docker containers, and the SSH container doesn’t have the correct settings).