Tablet wall-mounted controller for the home

@David_Maas. It is not too complicated, but you would have to piece together instructions from “here and there”, depending on what hardware you have available. Short summary as follows:

  1. Install and configure Home Assistant on preferred hardware. Mine runs in docker on a Synology NAS.
  2. Install and configure a MQTT broker on preferred hardware. I run Mosquitto in docker on a Synology NAS. There is a broker app for Homey that I haven´t tried but it should do the job from what I´ve heard. OR
  3. Install MQTT client app on Homey and configure it to connect to the broker.
  4. Install MQTT hub app on Homey and configure it to for Home Assistant discovery. How-to-instructions inside the app setting.
  5. Set up an integration to the broker in Home Assistant configuration. Can be done in the GUI and is fairly simple.
  6. BADABAM! Your Homey devices should be discovered and appear as entities in HA.

Let the fun begin!

Good luck, and don´t forget to support the developers :slight_smile: