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Anyone experiance with Sylvania zigbee lighting bulbs?

Not only the price is okay, but also the possibility for garden lighting with sufficient ‘lumen’ (PAR38) and quick installation is welcome.



I have some experience with the Sylvania Zigbee PAR38 lights, though i’m not sure how relevant, when added to a an out door flood lamp running on 240v they blow.

That said, they dont say they support 240v either, I was just having a crack at it.

That’s a pity. Checking the product sheet, I cannot find a voltage specificaton, which is strange though.

That’s because the zigbee version is only 120V… No 240V version available.

On the site of homedepot there is no voltage. Typical US. It is still a waste. Would have been a killer for the garden.

Yeah I am aware,

Some other manufactures have undocumented support for 240v.

So, in no way Sylvania’s fault, but that was my experience with it. And given the sale I bought it at, I figured worth a crack.