Switchbot clone BLE, anybody working on an app?

Hi guys,

I saw a switchbot clone on Ali express. It’s using BLE 5.0 and its super cheap. Around €10, - €15,-. So, a lot cheaper than the original switchbot, and no hub required.

Maybe someone here is interested in building an app for it? :grinning:

Have you tried the SwitchBot app to see if it is a complete copy?

Edit: I have just found an example of the code required for a Pi and I can see it won’t work with the SwitchBot app as it uses different UUID’s, has an AES encryption for the data, different command codes and gets the devices status via a read characteristic instead of the advertisement. So basically, it is completely different :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info! I ordered one, just to check it out… I think I can do some things automaticly with it using macrodorid on my tablet for now. Let’s hope that somebody is interesting to create an Homey app for it.

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